Accounts Receivable Automation for Hilton:
accelerated approvals and payments collection

Centralise information into a single location to optimise invoice processing, auditing and other financial processes. 

Minimise your wholesale AR turnaround times

With a majority of hotel revenues coming from wholesalers, it is of prime importance to accelerate Accounts Receivable processing.

DocMX helps bring together information dispersed across various departments and formats to:

Simplify bill validation

Direct bills are loaded into the system, data is automatically captured and classified. Automated workflows validate for duplicates and backup proof, with exceptions raised to the appropriate teams for remediation.

Automate 70% of AR transactions

Intelligent rules determine validation and exception handling, routing wholesale invoices to the relevant suppliers or OTA's, with all related documentation accessible with a single click.

Streamline queries

Bill and ledger queries conducted through electronic forms: collect all relevant data, remove confusing email communication and trigger appropriate workflows to resolve in a timely manner.

Gain visibility

Approval pathways are auditable and transparent. Status can be tracked on the Control Centre dashboard for performance improvement and financial reporting is readily available to designated personnel.  

Gain full control and compliance

Save time & money

Do more with less. Reap very concrete financial benefits. Eliminate printing of reports, cancel printer/copier leases, save management time, share resources across several properties where possible.

Full audit trail

The process is fully auditable: each invoice, approval and payment is traceable, to ensure compliance with internal policy and regulatory requirements.


Bring in the best practices of information security into your financial approval processes: DocMX is ISO-certified to comply with the highest security standards in the cloud.  

Limited access

Access is strictly managed: only authorised personnel see sensitive financial information. Grant external users limited access, minimising the need for staff to pull files for status updates. 

We used to have issues with  documents going missing from one tray to another, causing actions not being taken.

Implementing DocMX brought great benefits like flexible document search, compliance and time savings.

Paolo Trevisan

Director of Finance, Hilton Australia

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