Hotel Income Audits:
Automate Reporting and Approvals

Save time and resources with the DocMX software for Hotel Night Audits

Centralise your daily income audit reporting

Night audits require repetitive and often manual tasks to pull out and reconcile data from various sources, then get it approved by all managers. With DocMX, optimise this daily audit process and reap immediate benefits:

All daily transaction data in one place

No need to log into different systems or print reports. Transaction reports are pulled into one place, scanned in or automatically ingested from 3rd party systems like PMS and POS. Data is captured and indexed, with additional supporting documentation linked.

Streamlined approvals

Once the reports are complete, the approval workflow is triggered: from night manager, to department heads, to director of finance, everyone has access to all the data to make informed decisions.

Full control & visibility

The control centre provides a visual and user-friendly overview of the daily audit and overall business performance. Any discrepancies or lack of compliance can be immediately spotted and acted upon, by employees and managers.

Key features


with your accounting software, property management system, POS, CRM, email, documents, website, analytics programs etc.

A customised control centre

dashboard will be created with you to track the metrics required for your particular business needs.

Dozens of reports

include Daily Revenue Pack, Allowance Pack, Cash Pack, Credit Card Pack, Food & Beverage, Entertainment reports.

Night Audit Automation
Hilton Sydney automates Income Audits to free management time
The exclusive Sydney hotel creates more time for management to maintain 5-star customer services by automating income audit processes.
holiday inn ihg singapore
Income Audit Automation
IHG - Holiday Inn Singapore automate daily income audits & more
Read how this Singapore hotel digitised and automated key operations in finance and accounting to save resources and gain resilience, with financial support from the STB.

Save Resources, Improve Compliance

Ensure more efficient and sustainable back-office operations, standardised across departments and properties:

Eliminate Printed Reports

No more printing or storing end-of-day reports. Go 100% paperless, with digital reports pulled from various systems, email or PDF scans.

Increase Compliance

Approval pathways are auditable and transparent. Ensure the timely review and approval of Daily Night Packs by Managers, with a complete audit trail and accountability.

Retrieve Anytime

No more searching around for that lost file. All related documents are flagged up in the system, easy to access, annotate and approve.

Data Security

Bring in the best practices of information security into your financial approval processes: DocMX is ISO-certified to comply with the highest security standards in the industry.

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