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DocMX has been selected by Amazon Web Services as a specialised Travel & Hospitality partner with deep industry expertise. We enable hospitality businesses to streamline and digitise their core operations:

Time to go digital

Filling paper forms, chasing invoices, POs or wholesaler payments, investigating mismatches across departments, getting the right people to approve... Your teams are wasting precious time. We digitise your Finance, Accounting, HR & other processes for utmost efficiency.

By hospitality experts

We know your pains, because have been working and innovating with top players in the travel and hospitality industry for over 10 years. We tailored our solution to the unique needs of this industry, leveraging powerful AWS solutions to offer a lightweight, flexible and affordable product.

More resilient operations

Restructure your processes to quickly adapt to periods of low and high activity, reduce costs, and continue run operations remotely when required. In the Covid-19 context, minimise infection risks by enabling e-signatures, e-reviews and digital collaboration.

Seamless collaboration

With all information and documents in one secure repository, the Front Desk, Sales, Finance, HR and other teams are on the same paperless page. Empower your staff to focus on guests, rather than tedious admin tasks. 

With DocMX, leverage the best-in-class Amazon-backed technology that your hospitality business deserves

Harness machine intelligence by Amazon

Leverage the latest technologies of artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate manual tasks:

  • Amazon Textract technology to extract data from virtually any scanned documents, forms and tables
  • Amazon Rekognition for image analysis to extract data from unstructured documents
  • Smart algorithms automate approval processes, suggestions, alerts and so much more.

Amazon Travel & Hospitality Partner

Thanks to our deep industry expertise and solid technology, we have been invited by Amazon to their select Travel & Hospitality Competency partner group. DocMX is an agile solution specifically designed for hospitality:

  • Trusted by industry leaders like Hilton, Marriott or IHG Group
  • User-friendly, quick to implement & cost-neutral
  • Compatible with other systems such as Opera, Micros, SAP & more.

Industry-leading Cloud infrastructure

DocMX is a SaaS product that won’t give extra workload for your IT teams. It is delivered on the Amazon AWS enterprise-grade network, and built from the ground-up for speed, availability & scalability:

  • Resizable computing capacity with Amazon’s EC2 and S3 platforms, for single or thousand user sites
  • Tier 1 data centres closest to you by Amazon Cloudfront
  • Dedicated hosted environments for performance and data privacy
  • Reliable with 99.99% availability commitment by Amazon

Highest data security standards

We meet the most stringent data security, storage & recovery standards with a yearly ISO27001 certification for Information Security. We leverage Amazon’s in-built network security and tools like WAF, CloudTrail, CloudWatch and S3 Glacier for:

  • Firewalls, real-time threat detection against unauthorised access
  • Data encryption at rest and in transit
  • Unmatched compliance and auditing capabilities
  • Unlimited, secure & durable back-up and archiving

Your one-stop-shop for streamlined core operations

Discover the key features of DocMX powered by AWS: eliminate paperwork, centralise information online, automate repetitive tasks and collaborate seamlessly 

Finance & Accounting

Streamline manual error-prone processes like daily audits, accounts payable and receivable, financial approvals and more. Bring data from your PMS, POS, Events, Finance, emails and paperwork into a single platform. Ensure efficiency, data security & compliance with company policies.

Shared Services Clusters

Spread the overheads across several sites by sharing knowledge, skills and efficiencies: digitise and streamline finance, HR, IT and more, to be resilient even in extended periods of low occupancy. We guarantee a fast, on-budget solution to save you time and money in these challenging times.

Other use cases

Easily implement digital ways of working across all teams – Reservations, Front Office, Housekeeping, Kitchen, Finance, HR… We specifically designed a flexible system, easy to deploy across one or many locations, working with all major PMS, POS, and other 3rd party systems.

Our innovators and their success stories

Our partners have streamlined Accounts Payable & Receivable, Revenue Audit, HR, Front Desk and other operational areas of their businesses. 

Income Audit Automation
Hilton Sydney automates Income Audits to free management time
Hilton Sydney created more time for management to maintain 5-star customer services by automating income audit processes.
IHG hotel
Remote Collaboration
IHG digitises financial operations for effective remote collaboration
Read how an InterContinental hotel streamlined its financial operations and enabled seamless and safe collaboration during the social-distancing period.
Going Paperless & Printer-less
FourPoints Darling Harbour cuts yearly printing by 2.5 million pages, saving $1.5m
Digitising heavily paper-based processes resulted in printing 2.5m pages less each year. That's a $1.5m saving in printing costs over 5 years. Not to mention intangible time and efficiency gains, as well as saving an estimated 1,500 trees!
AP Automation
Moonee Valley Racing Club
automates AP to safeguard business continuity
One of Australia’s most prestigious horse racing organisations automate Accounts Payable handling for its hundreds of suppliers to win back time and move towards a paperless efficient office.
shared services center hotel
Shared Services Centre
Hilton Australia clusters skills & knowledge, reduces overheads across the portfolio
Read how Hilton Australia centralised Finance, HR and payroll services into a single SSC in Sydney to service their entire Australian operation.

Don't just take our word for it - listen to our innovators

Innovative, adaptable, reliable product and team - I can recommend to anyone!
Paolo TrevisanDirector of Finance
I definitely recommend all properties to engage in digitisation and upgrade your ways of working with DocMX. You will thank them when you see all the potential behind it!
Diogo Gaspar Income Auditor, InterContinental
During implementation the team helped us a lot, listening when needed, then going their own way and providing great advice on efficiency improvements.
Boudewijn Kok Auditor, Hilton EU
I would definitely recommend it to any colleagues. Our staff has benefited immensely, the system is easy to use, and the knowledgeable DocMX team have been a pleasure to deal with.
Paul Camilleri Financial Controller

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