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Empowering remote collaboration

At InterContinental Cascais-Estoril, financial and management teams collaborate remotely during the pandemic

Situated in a historic town on the Portuguese Riviera, InterContinental Cascais-Estoril hotel boasts inspiring views over the Atlantic Ocean, combining the heritage of the past with the modernity of the present. True to this philosophy of innovation and forward thinking, the hotel is working towards digitisation of large parts of its financial operations using DocMX.


  • Complex paper trail: The luxury hotel features meeting & event facilities, a restaurant and a spa, generating revenue from many sources. A dozen of reports pulled from the PMS system require daily auditing and approval, generating a complex paper trail
  • Time wasted auditing paperwork: “The key pain point that prompted us to implement DocMX were the time wasted auditing all the piles of paper each day”, says Diogo Gaspar, Income Auditor.
  • Struggle to approve reports on time “with papers flying around and sometimes missed” between different teams (night managers, income auditor, director of finance, general manager…)
  • Paper waste: printing all this paperwork was a waste, in terms of cost but also in terms of the environmental impact


The IHG team decided to digitise their financial processes using DocMX, starting with the daily income audit.

A smooth implementation: after discussing best practices and requirements, the IHG team were asked to outline IHG processes aligned to global policy. 

The DocMX team then configured the system to pull relevant income transaction reports into one place from the many different sources such as the PMS, POS, paperwork and even emails, to present everything in a single dashboards customised for each team member/role.

Within a few days, the handover process took place in a live demonstration, where the DocMX team shared tips and tricks to help IHG best benefit from the system.

" I definitely recommend all properties to engage in DocMX to digitise and improve the way you work. You will thank DocMX when you see the full potential of the technology! "
Diogo Gaspar
Income Auditor, IHG


Significant time & cost savings for the entire team, as well as better compliance:

    • DocMX e-forms allow capture and approval of data in a structured digital way, saving time for senior managers and making it impossible to lose information. Reconciliation of financial information like credit card refunds is automated, saving many hours each month to focus on more value add work.
    • The income reports are 90% automated: the system reconciles and verifies most lines automatically, leaving only exceptions and errors to review manually.
    • The dashboard and workflow in particular bring significant efficiency gains. Several people in the finance and management team review, comment and approve a dozen reports each day, adding supporting information. Everyone is on the same page, knowing what is outstanding at a glance and the audit trail is fully documented for the future external and internal audits. This brings very tangible time and cost savings to the operation, and makes compliance so much easier with less risk of failure.

The team is now able to collaborate remotely, from different offices or even from home:

“With DocMX I was able to do all my job functions remotely, and from home during the pandemic:  I simply login and audit/approve the automated documents within the system. I am able to almost “live chat” with the rest of the team regarding any issues.”

“The customer support is the best we’ve ever had: you ask and they answer straight away with the solution/help. I’m sure in a near future we will expand our use of DocMX to more processes, to take our ways of working to the next level!”

More robust data security & privacy powered by Amazon AWS technology:

    • High-performing & reliable Cloud solution: with reliable hosting in the nearest Amazon data centre, the system and the documents are always accessible, on a click and with no time lags.
    • Data and network security: the hotel benefited from latest data security, encryption, back-up and recovery features from AWS – with no extra work required from in-house IT teams. 
    • Auditable & traceable: data access was limited to relevant personnel, system actions and documents logged, in compliance with ISO standards for data security.

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