Success stories:
Building a Hilton Shared Services Cluster

Hilton Australia builds a Shared Services Centre to distribute knowledge and reduce overheads across the portfolio

Hilton Australia operates dozens of properties across the region. To benefit from the group’s scale, it was decided to cluster certain back-office services in a single centre of excellence based in Sydney, to service their entire Australian operation.


With dozens of properties across the region, various back-office capabilities in Accounting, Finance or Payroll were duplicated, while others were lacking in some locations. Remote locations in particular had a hard time hiring the right talents and training them to provide all required support services.

Typically manual and paper-heavy processes meant that there was no easy way to provide such support services remotely or from a centralised location.

Extra information queries or issues typically required back-and-forth emailing, phone calls and chase-ups, and caused unnecessary delays. With different teams and ways of working in each property, processes were not always the most efficient and compliance with certain group-wide policies was a challenge.

Our solution

DocMX experts collected information from various client teams, analysed the existing back-office processes and collaborated with the Hilton project team to design efficient and future-proof digital processes:

  • It was decided to cluster Finance, HR and Payroll services for all Australian properties into a single centre of excellence based in Sydney
  • Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, HR and Payroll processes were digitised and various steps were automated (e.g. manual input and validation of invoices).
  • All physical paperwork was eliminated in these processes, allowing fully remote collaboration between the properties and the Shared Services Centre

During the implementation, we found the input of the DocMX team invaluable: they listened to us when needed, but also went their own way and gave advice and thoughts on efficiency improvements.

Boudewijn Kok Auditor, Hilton


  • Skills sharing & service continuity

    All properties are able to benefit from the quality services provided by well-trained specialists at the group level.  There is no more single point of failure as team members can take over in case of absence.

  • Overheads efficiencies

    The centralisation of services into one team enabled many savings, reducing duplication and providing better support to properties who need it. With the automation of paper-based, manual and repetitive tasks, staff can focus on value-added work.

  • Best practices and compliance

    Finance & HR processes are now conducted in line with best practices, group policies and applicable legislation.

  • Collaboration across department silos

    With one central repository, all properties and departments are able to easily retrieve information and communicate efficiently.

  • Fast user adoption

    Thanks to the user-friendly and modern interface, the user adoption was quick and did not require much training.

  • Transparent & auditable

    Data access is limited to relevant personnel, all system actions and documents are logged and traceable in compliance with ISO standards for data security.  Any approvals are auditable at a later date if needed.

AWS hospitality docmx

More robust data security & privacy powered by Amazon AWS technology:

    • High-performing & reliable Cloud solution: with several large properties and a large volume of data and documents accessed from different locations, it was crucial that the system delivers high performance. Thanks to reliable hosting in the nearest Amazon data centres in Australia, the system and the documents were always accessible, on a click and with no time lags.
    • Data and network security: DocMX met Hilton’s demanding IT security standards, leveraging the latest data security, encryption, back-up and recovery features by AWS – with no significant extra work required from in-house IT teams. 
    • Auditable & traceable: data access was limited to relevant personnel, system actions and documents logged, in compliance with ISO standards for data security.

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