Shared Service Centres:
reap the benefits of cloud-enabled collaboration

Geographically spread businesses leverage our technology to group finance, accounting or HR processes into a single centre of excellence.

Benefits of clustering services

Past experiences show that outsourcing to external organisations or even offshore is not always the best solution. Optimising your existing operations into a single centre of excellence and know-how is likely to result in higher service quality. 

Company-wide standards

Accounts payable, accounts receivable, human resources and other processes are all aligned to company policy, follow best practices and are easily auditable. Expand with confidence: any new entities will leverage the existing structure.

Quality & Expertise

It may be difficult to recruit the right experts everywhere. Create your centre where talents are, and make all entities benefit from the same high-quality services.

Labour force efficiencies

Individual operations no longer have to resource their own services: no more duplication of efforts, resulting in significant cost-savings.

Shared knowledge & skills

A specialised team working together develops a common pool of knowledge. There is no more single point of failure as team members can take over in case of absence.

Customer Success
Hilton clusters skills & knowledge,
reduces overheads across the portfolio
Discover how Hilton Australia centralised Finance, HR and payroll services into a single SSC in Sydney to service their entire Australian operation.

How does DocMX enable Shared Services Centres?

Dozens of organisations have leveraged our innovative technology and expertise to implement digitalised centres of excellence and reap the benefits of centralisation: 

Process review

We have done this before.

Our specialists will work with your teams to review your current processes, then identify and create new streamlined organisational processes.  

Digital document management

No more physical paperwork needs to move across departments and entities – all the information is securely stored in a single online repository and can be accessed by all authorised personnel.


Business logic rules ensure that only exceptions need human intervention, reducing the overall burden of back-and-forth communication.

Collaborative workflows

No back-and-forth emailing, phone calls and chase-ups. All reviews, approvals and extra information queries are conducted on a single centralised platform, with automated workflows, timelines and full visibility.

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