Discover a wide range of features for tomorrow's workplace, all in one place

No add-on costs, upsells or additional vendors. With DocMX, you will get all the tools that you will need to optimise your processes, under one roof from day 1

Capture and organise documents & data in a single repository

All relevant business information is automatically grouped into one secure digital repository. The information flow is enhanced within your organisation, multiplying efficiencies. 

OCR & Data capture

Leverage artificial intelligence & optical character recognition to digitise paperwork, index and classify all documents – even complex and unstructured.

Advanced Search

With document metadata and full text captured and indexed, it becomes easy to find any document anytime, anywhere.

Anytime, Anywhere

Allow documents to be viewed on mobiles and tablets via our secure mobile app, giving staff flexibility of accessing information on the go.

One Secure Repository

One central ISO accredited DocMX repository for all your documents and information. No sharing Data Center infrastructure across multiple clients, each solution is dedicated to your business only.

Electronic forms

Online forms to capture information such as HR action forms, leave requests, and much more

QR barcode recognition

Mobile smart QR barcode recognition for easy access to critical information and documentation within your DocMX system.

Standardise & automate processes

Data entry, reconciliation, verification and other tedious tasks – all automated, empowering your staff to do so much more

Integration with ANY 3rd party system

Tight connectivity with Finance, ERP, PMS, POS and even email systems for automated data ingestion, validation, export and linking according to pre-defined business rules.

Your very own Smart
Personal Assistant

Your very own PA, to advise & pre-populate values, suggest coding, warn of discrepancies and display trends from previous data. 

Intelligent file

Automated polling of specified windows folders to process information in realtime as and when the file appears.  

Automated Email triggers

Dedicated email address with auto processing of information on receipt. Ideal for supplier invoice receipt, HR receiving of information from employees and general automation of a small subset of email communications. 

Printerless DocMX

Dedicated DocMX printers to remove the need to print/scan from any 3rd party application. Remove print costs, storage costs, paper and leasing costs and contribute to reducing your environmental footprint.

Alerts, warnings and triggers

Rules to highlight and process critical data within your system. Example actions: Visa due to expire, training due, OH&S ready to be completed, maintenance due on particular equipment. All processed accordingly in line with client and legislative requirements.

A platform for seamless collaboration

Different teams and departments share information, for quicker, transparent and better-informed decision-making


A set of rules automatically trigger certain actions for pre-defined people, like validation of invoices above a certain value. 

Dashboard data analysis

See exactly what users need to complete, by when, with the right information at hand. Management-level dashboards allow for general performance tracking and completion monitoring.

Collaboration via external Portal

Provide limited access to 3rd party external users / companies such as suppliers, to view specific documents, provide information and collaborate with your team.

Personalised notifications

Alerts to never let anything slip through the cracks: benchmarks, KPIs, time limits, specified personnel get automatically notified if critical criteria are met.

Comments & annotations

Annotation of documents and  comments by people involved in the process, with micro comment task approval and easy links to related documents.


Documents can be viewed and approved on mobile and tablet devices via our secure iOS and Android mobile apps, giving staff flexibility of accessing information on the go.

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