DocMX helps you be more sustainable

Make your hotel’s operations more eco friendly: save paper and even help plant trees to offset your environmental impact

Small changes, big impact in the long term

With DocMX, cut document printing by 80% – and save hundreds of thousands of paper sheets each year

100s of thousands prints saved each year

For a 300-room hotel, that's several thousand copies of reservations, invoices, or POs, with extra copies for various departments - each month. Hundreds of thousands of prints that can be avoided each year.

Dozens of trees saved each year

Studies indicate that on average, one tree makes ~8000 standard paper sheets. Avoiding printing 500,000 just sheets in a year is therefore saving 62 trees!

Don't forget toxic inks, water and more

Manufacturing and bleaching paper is a water-intensive and polluting process. Also, printers use dozens of toxic ink cartridges... And paperwork storage over many years uses energy!

We proudly plant trees on your behalf

To make even more of an impact, for every newly signed up customer we donate funds to plant 100 trees!

Giving back to the planet...

In partnership with the charity One Tree Planted, we contribute to reforestation and conservation projects in different geographical areas, as close as possible to our customers’ location.

Our donation is used to plant trees with the local communities and in the right season, as well maintain the planted saplings over several years.

Tree planting is a great way to offset your environmental impact: it helps reduce air and water pollution, increase biodiversity, capture CO2, and also sustain local communities. Learn more by visiting the website of our partner:

Get started on your way to more sustainable operations now: