Streamline, structure and secure your Human Resources operations.

Reduce the burden of paperwork and admin, ensure consistent standards across all departments and empower your HR teams

Forms, printouts, emails… HR professionals often spend more time and effort on administrative tasks than attracting, hiring and maximising the human capital across your properties.

Employee document centralisation

Digitisation and long-term archival of HR documents is simplified with DocMX as a centralised repository for HR data. Users can easily upload documents and authorised personnel can find and securely access them, without manual transmission of the file.

  • Set Retention periods of up to 21 years, in line with local legislation
  • Alerts on key events, such as Visa expiry or certification due
  • Availability to employees if required
  • Removal of storage requirements to maintain compliance

Automated personnel action forms (PAF)

  • All associates can access forms, complete on a mobile device, PC or by hand, and load directly into authorised workflows.
  • Submitted forms automatically trigger workflows and are electronically authorised as required.
  • With a consistent format for paper or electronic data submission across all departments, the HR team can access all the relevant data instantly for hires, terminations, leave requests etc.

Gain full control and compliance

No more paperwork

All documents are easy to retrieve anytime online, manual repetitive tasks are minimised. Your field staff can enter all the information on the go in a mobile device, or scan in the paper forms. 

Standards & accountability

HR processes are standardised across departments, with clear timelines, accountabilities and progress tracking on a centralised Control Centre dashboard.


Store personal HR data in compliance with applicable regulatory standards. The process is fully auditable: each document, approval and payment is traceable for full compliance.

ISO-certified Security

Bring in the best practices of information security: DocMX is ISO-certified for the highest data security and privacy standards. Access is strictly managed so that only authorised personnel have access to sensitive HR information. 

Streamline payroll audits

With DocMX used as a central HR data repository, the payroll audit process becomes so much simpler: 

  • Working with any 3rd party payroll system, utilise DocMX for the distribution of sensitive payroll reports to senior managers for approval. 
  • When payroll audit starts, the Payroll Audit Reports can easily be automatically indexed into the system and sent to the necessary workflow for approval. 
  • All supporting documentation for the period automatically indexed on receipt from the master Payroll system, and linked to the relevant master report.
  • Payroll Officers can conveniently review all supporting documentation, and request additional information via comments and assigned notes, involving the right people at the right time.
  • 100% ISO Information Security accredited.

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