Digital & secure tool to meet your
Covid-19 obligations

DocMX provides a simple and complete solution to quickly roll out your updated processes

Contact tracing data collection - the right way

DocMX provides secure, fast to implement and affordable tools to meet your legal obligations for personal data collection and storage

Only collect the required personal information

You are only permitted to collect personal information required for contact tracing purposes, as specified in the local directives, like each State in Australia. DocMX e-forms and QR code functionality enable compliant, secure and touch-less data collection.

Notify individuals before collecting information

You are required to inform the guest: what information you are collecting, that it's required by law for contact tracing purposes, who it will be disclosed to, and the consequences of failing to provide the data. DocMX e-forms automatically include this information.

Requirement to securely store the collected data

DocMX provides the legal way to store information: dedicated and protected location, with strictly managed restricted access.

Contact tracing is undertaken exclusively by State health authorities. You should only disclose the information when requested by them.

Destroy the data once not needed

Each State and Territory sets a required time period for information storage, currently around 56 days. DocMX provides the way to automatically destroy the data if not needed after the legal period of time.

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Full compliance and reduced risks

Standards & compliance

The process is standardised and fully auditable, for full compliance with State Directives and internal policy. 


DocMX is ISO-certified to comply with the highest security standards in the cloud. Only authorised personnel access sensitive  information. 


Enable social distancing, eliminate the handling of paperwork between staff and guests to reduce germ transmission risks.

Fast Implementation

Our flexible solution is simple to implement and use. You will be up and running within days, without disturbing your processes or involving the IT team.

E-signatures for contactless guest interactions

Keep staff and customers safe, minimising interactions and paperwork handling

Convenience and Simplicity

  • Simply access from the local DocMX app
  • No training required 
  • Automated & hygienic


  • Guest Registrations, Invoices, Paid Outs and Foreign exchange: the potential is unlimited.
  • Delivered on mobile tablet devices to eliminate the need to pass around paperwork between staff and guests.
  • Ability to print to DocMX from any 3d party system, e.g. Opera, Micros, or Delphi
  • 100% electronic, no paper handling, no touching, signed, captured and processed through to completion automatically.

With DocMX I’m able to do all my job functions at home during the Covid-19 times:  I simply login and audit/approve the automated documents within the system. I am able to almost “live chat” with the rest of the team regarding any issues!

Diogo Gaspar

Income Auditor, InterContinental

Leaner Future-proof Operations

Future-proof your hotel operations in today’s challenging context: automate aspects of your back-office to reduce costs, structure processes to reduce risks and enable efficient & secure remote collaboration:

Paperless & Automated

No more paper shuffling, manual errors, tedious admin. Standardised, digital and automated ways of working enable hotels to function even with reduced teams.

Remote Work

Back-office tasks such as accounting, HR, management approvals and sign-offs can be done remotely with the DocMX collaborative tools.

Share Resources

In today's low occupancy context, clustering resources across several hotels makes even more sense. We help you implement shared service centres with a single team serving several hotels for accounting, HR and other tasks.

Control costs

Structure your operations to keep costs down, reduce risks and improve resilience. We guarantee a fast, simple, on-budget solution to save you time and money in these challenging times.

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