We tailor our technology around the fabric of your Hotel

A tried and tested approach for hospitality

Working for many years with small, medium and international hotel groups, together we have  developed savings and process efficiencies that will benefit all.

Agile & tailored to You

No two businesses are the same, in size or nature. Rather than push a pre-designed solution, we will work with you to tailor our flexible technology to your specific business requirements. 

Honest expert Advice

No point making a bad process electronic. We are not just technology geeks – our experienced hospitality innovators will work with you to advise on the best way to standardise proven efficiencies across your property or properties. 

Enterprise hospitality technology, minus Enterprise costs

There really is no need for months-long business consultants and deployment planning. DocMX is easily configured with no programming overheads, easy to learn with no impact on your current 3rd party systems. You will be up and running within weeks or even days, with everything aligned to sensible budgets. Why reinvent the wheel?

In your own Time, at your own Pace

Digitising your back-office operations doesn’t have to turn into a disruptive business transformation. Our lightweight solution is easy to roll out & test in one or many small areas. When the true potential of DocMX is better understood, extend to other high value areas and processes – only when you are ready. 

With our state of the art web-based SaaS solution, your hotel will leverage the very best Cloud technology available today


  • Simply access from any browser
  • No deployment or maintenance workload for your I.T. team 
  • Reliable and personalised online/phone helpdesk support from us


  • Built from the ground-up for speed, availability & scalability, available to single or thousand user sites
  • Unlimited storage capacity located in Tier one cloud data centers
  • Delivered on the Amazon AWS enterprise-grade network closest to you, with solid performance credentials 

Seamless integration with your existing
hospitality systems

Tight integration with Micros, Delphi, Opera, SAP, Navision, Birchstreet, Delphi and other applications such as Outlook, Word, Excel, MYOB and Xero. 

Access anytime, anywhere, on any device – as required by your business.

User-friendly interface

Securely login from your favorite computer browser. Unlike many back-office systems, DocMX is intuitive and easy to use, which will make implementation and user adoption so much easier. Change management kept to an absolute minimal. 

External portal

Provide limited access to external users / companies such as suppliers, to view specific documents, provide information and collaborate with your team

Mobile App

Allow documents to be viewed and approved on mobile and tablet devices via our secure mobile app, giving staff flexibility of accessing information whilst working around the hotel.

Security of your hotel's sensitive information is core to our business

Your data will be even safer in the cloud than on paper or on premise, with a solution endorsed and certified by external bodies for highest quality and security, ISO27001.

Security best practices

  • Strong identity management and permissions control with your preferred method, including advanced Single Sign On (Open Connect, OAuth2) and integration with Office 365 or other enterprise Identity Providers
  • Infrastructure: all data is encrypted at rest and in transit, firewalls and real-time threat detection prevent all unauthorised external access 
  • Data privacy: we use dedicated hosted environments for each client and never share your data with any other database or organisation

Accreditation ISO27001 for Information Security

DocMX are continually investing in our clients’ security, undergoing stringent certification processes annually, to safeguard your individual Information Management Systems to the highest degree possible. We follow a globally recognised set of policies and best practices aligned to the management and security of information, ISO27001. Such standards contribute to our clients attaining accreditations such as PCI and GDPR. 

Official Amazon AWS technology Partner

Rest assured that you will benefit from global data centres, stable network architecture, data security, storage & recovery standards that meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organisations. 

PCI & GDPR accreditation

DocMX will contribute to your efforts of becoming PCI and GDPR compliant. By aligning security of information to ISO27001 standards, implementing secure audit logs, encryption of information, tier one security and an overall appetite to maintain security to the highest possible standard, DocMX will contribute to your compliance ambitions in a positive manner.

Your one-stop-shop for streamlined operations

Discover the key features of DocMX: eliminate hotel paperwork, centralise information online, automate repetitive tasks and collaborate seamlessly to focus on what you do best, being hospitable. 

Intelligent hospitality document OCR capture & process management

Documents and data are captured, accurately indexed, stored in one central online ISO repository, made easy to retrieve and action, anytime, anywhere:

Documents are captured from different sources: scanned paperwork, emails, electronic forms, PMS and POS system output, all processed into one central DocMX repository. Optimised for security, size, readability and format in line with ISO27001 standards.

Key data is read and indexed: optical recognition and smart algorithms automatically extract metadata and accurately classify the data

Retrieve anytime: documents are easy to find using different criteria (confirmation number, check in date, event number, name, provider etc). Connected documents such as invoices and purchase orders are linked automatically to facilitate easy and supported review

Edit & communicate: users can mark-up documents with stamps, annotations or signatures and share with internal or external users

Process automation & standardisation across a single or a group of hotels.

A standard process across the entire portfolio: intelligent technology automatically executes the “easy” tasks, while bringing the exceptions to the attention of the users.

Integration with 3rd party systems allows to automatically ingest, validate and link data according to pre-defined business rules

Smart robotic tools pre-populate values and emulate a set of user actions

User assistance: reduced errors through prompts, automatic lookups and alerts, which highlight linked data, expected calculation results or company policy

Visibility & compliance: all user and system actions are traceable and easily auditable for performance, as well as regulatory and compliance commitments

Collaborative workflows
in line with group policy

Flexible workflows aligned to your company policy, ensuring actions are performed within determined timelines by authorised and audited personnel only.

Notifications with related information automatically presented to the authorising user to support the approval process, enabling users to make informed decisions faster and more accurately.

Control Centre with to-do list: personalised interactive dashboards showing real-time status of document progress. Smart tracking of task completion and aging actions included. KPIs and alarm triggers when thresholds are hit, all embedded within the single DocMX solution.

Simple communication  across the organisation and beyond: document notes assigned to users, specific user access for specific tasks, mobile app for approvals, an all in one collaboration platform for everybody.

Electronic forms submission of requests for approval on desktop or mobile, leave forms, refund requests.... directly linked to relating workflows processed to approval.

Personal Assistant intelligent assistance to highlight key metrics relating to supplier and invoice information, including spend, trends, suggested coding, duplicates

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