OCR & Smart Data Capture

Leverage the power of artificial intelligence to automate document capture & classification in your hotel

Move away from time-consuming data entry & management

Information comes to your business in many forms: data generated by various systems, emails, PDFs or scanned documents, and of course paperwork.

Capturing it all for processing and archiving can be a time-consuming, error-prone, tedious and seemingly never-ending process.

Many unstructured documents actually never get electronically recorded, as the workload of manual keying would soon become unmanageable.  

Automate data capture & recognition

Our artificial intelligence-powered technology enables you to capture documents, emails, forms and various systems for processing and archiving:

1. Import from anywhere

The system centralises data from multiple sources: scanned paperwork, emails and attachments, electronic forms, import from pre-defined folders, feeds from other systems.

2. Smart recognition

With Optical Character Recognition, the system is smart enough to automatically capture data from unstructured documents like scanned paperwork. It then indexes and classifies documents based on pre-set rules.

3. IA-powered verification

With an intelligent verification process, classification uncertainties are flagged for manual review. Machine learning technology records any corrections, to continuously improve its accuracy.

4. Storage & export

All documents are now stored in one place, easily retrievable anytime thanks to metadata and content indexing. All data can be exported to other systems or locations as required.

Move towards a universal, efficient and secure information management

Endless applications

  • Invoice processing 
  • Proof of delivery, contract and other complex document capture
  • Forms capture
  • Workflow trigger
  • Barcode recognition
  • Many more…

Multiplied efficiencies

  • Eliminate time-intensive labour like manual data entry & paper handling
  • Reduce data entry errors
  • Easily retrieve information and documents anytime, anywhere
  • Store everything electronically: no more physical paper filing

Secure document storage

Bring in the best practices of information security into your information management: DocMX is ISO-certified to comply with the highest data security standards in the cloud.

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