Seamless operations become reality

Our flexible & powerful solution is being used to solve inefficiencies across multiple operational areas

Incident management

Do you know the current top 5 incidents in your business? 

Identification of an incident in any business is essential, whether in the areas of customer experience, OH&S, Human Resources or compliance. Effectively dealing with complaints provides a great opportunity to turn dissatisfied customers into advocates. 

With our Incident Management solution, leverage electronic forms to capture all incident information, trigger relevant workflows, and track the incident until full resolution. With our interactive Control Centre dashboard, view status and trends and drive business improvements. 

Delivery & Logistics

Handling a large volume of Delivery notes can become an issue if you deal with transport and logistics services.  

DocMX can help you monitor your deliveries in real-time. No more manual input errors and misplaced documents: electronic forms and signed paper delivery dockets are automatically loaded and stored in a central repository, easy to retrieve and query anytime.  

Custom workflows and integration to your ERP system can provide extra checks and validation. Automatic reporting keeps you on top of all the undelivered items, helping you improve your operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. 

Engineering Job Requests

Necessary repair or engineering tasks may not always be logged or take a long time to complete, to the detriment of the guest experience.

With our electronic Job Request solution, manage high volumes of requests in a structured way: human error is removed when recording information, relevant staff receive the information and deliver the job within expected timelines. 

Modernise your operations

No more paperwork

All documents are easy to retrieve anytime online. The process is standardised across all departments and the manual repetitive tasks are minimised.

Full visibility

Track the end-to-end operations and status of any particular task on a centralised Control Centre dashboard. You can intervene before the situation becomes problematic.

Security & compliance

The process is fully auditable: each document, approval and payment is traceable, to ensure compliance with internal policies and best practices of data security.

Mobile workforce

Your staff can enter all the information on the go, on their tablet or mobile phone. No more paper forms to fill in and pass around!

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