Best hotels to work for – how are they different?

The yearly publication of the “100 Best Companies to Work For” by has become a recognised and anticipated event.

Some top hospitality groups have consistently ranked high over many years. In 2019, the list for hospitality looks like this:

Ranking of top hospitality workplaces in 2019

Hilton has actually been named the absolute #1 place to work for, across all industries! Kimpton (part of IHG) has been described as having a particularly “thoughtful” corporate culture. Four Seasons has been consistently in the top 100 over the past 20 years. So what is their secret?

Why are these the best hospitality employers?

The rankings are based on employee surveys, and some of the criteria used in the ranking methodology include compensation, communication, equality of opportunities, growth/training, camaraderie, and innovation. All of these top hospitality employers offer better than average compensation packages, training programmes, fun team events, and overall show appreciation to their staff.

One of the points that Hilton highlighted, is that while they were offering the best of luxury decoration, equipment and food to their guests, the staff was sometimes a bit forgotten. Among other things, they put a lot of effort into upgrading the “back-end” operations, such as improved staff facilities with furnishings, update cafeterias and uniforms to better suit staff needs.

Remembering the back-end operations

We have been working with all of these top hospitality employers: Hilton, IHG, Marriott, Four Seasons. What we have noticed, is that in addition to investing into their guest offerings, they understand the importance of aiming for excellence in their back-end operations.

Whether it’s processing reservations and invoices, controlling daily food & beverage transactions, managing HR processes like leave requests, organising the kitchen or cleaning staff… All of these operations contribute to the success of the guest experience, but behind the scenes. Rather than manage all this the old way, with labour-intensive manual repetitive tasks, these hotels have worked with DocMX to digitise and automate their back-end operations.

With less paperwork to chase, a modern back-end system to easily find information, and more efficient collaboration, staff have less stress, and more time to focus on the interesting and rewarding parts of their jobs.

And that contributes to their happiness at work – we know, because they told us so!

Find out more about how to digitise and automate hotel operations. Or ask us directly – we will be happy to give you some tips!