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Savings brought by DocMX described in HospitalityNet.

In these undeniably challenging times, hotels look to do more with less. The pandemic transformed ways of working across many industries, and digitisation or “digital transformation” is often advocated as the way forward to help hospitality weather the storm and become stronger in the long-term. But what do these buzzwords mean for hotels, and what financial benefits can they deliver?

Get back time and save $42,000 every year, simply by automating daily audits

Legal and internal policy requirements mandate many daily audit and reconciliation processes. We have analysed market-leading property management systems and seen an average Night Pack output reaching 900 pages per day, requiring printing copies for reconciliation and approvals across different departments. For example, a master report from an F&B system may include hundreds of transactions, with managers having to review and reconcile signatures, dockets, electronic forms, emails, guest registrations… before approving the report. Multiply this by 20 to include all other financial reports, and you see why this is a massive administrative burden!

DocMX streamlines processes of this nature, automatically pulling data from different sources, presenting the supporting information to each transaction, and storing it for later use by internal and external auditors. Revenue audit automation is our customers’ favorite DocMX solution, implemented at countless IHG, Marriott, Hilton and other smaller hotels.

Considering printing savings and an average 40h saved every week on admin work for the management, our customers estimate that they save $42,000 per year, just automating the Night Pack process.”

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