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Automating daily income audit

Hilton Sydney frees management time by automating daily income audit​ admin

Our client is an exclusive Sydney hotel providing a wide range of high-end services: hotels rooms, venues for business meetings and events, restaurant, spa & fitness, and so much more. To keep track of the different revenue streams, managers go through a daily transaction reporting process.


 The Night Pack required the Night Manager to pull dozens of reports from different systems, emails, or print-outs: credit card transactions, cash report, Property Management System reports, etc.

Checking and reconciling data required several hours each day. Additionally, the reports had to be passed for approval to the department managers and Director of Finance, a process that could take a few days and require back-and-forth emailing in case of issues.

Lack of traceability meant that it was not always clear which documents were approved when and by whom.


  • With the DocMX solution, the dozens of reports are automatically pulled and scanned into a single control centre dashboard every day. The system automatically indexes, reconciles and links relevant reports, flags discrepancies.
  • Workflows route documents to the designated approvers, who receive dashboard notifications. Any queries are directly handled in the system.
  • A central dashboard allows management to view the to-do list, workflow progress and financial business performance.
The daily dashboard is great tool: you make sure you complete all your tasks at the end of the day and it gives you assurance that no one is waiting on you. Compliance and time savings are the key benefits!
Paolo Trevisan Director of Finance, Hilton


  • Time & money savings: the Night Pack process was significantly accelerated, allowing all involved to spend less time on report review, audit queries and approval by logging into a single location. Less reports were printed and resulted in financial savings as well.
  • Continuous improvement: management was able to spot daily reporting workflow bottlenecks, performance issues, peaks and troughs in the business – taking action as required
  • Compliance: the daily transactions are reviewed & approved within a day, 90% of the time, in line with group policy
  • Faster audits: with all documents & approvals electronically recorded, subsequent group audits were significantly faster and easier to perform.

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