Success stories:
Contact tracing compliance, within days

Using DocMX, a leading Australian hospitality group swiftly complied with contact tracing requirements nationwide

Australian hospitality service providers have been mandated to log guest information for Covid-19 contact tracing purposes. Our customer manages properties and outlets across Australia and required a secure, simple and affordable tool to promptly meet their legal obligations.

Challenge: guest data collection

Despite social distancing measures, hotel guests end up sharing and using certain common areas, such as reception desk, restaurant, spa, store or other outlets.

Each state in Australia published specific directives on personal data collection for contact tracing purposes in such situations. This meant that our customer quickly needed a solution for all their  properties and outlets across Australia to:

  • Notify individuals on data collection obligation and consequences
  • Collect only personal data required by local governments, without causing inconvenience to guests
  • Log the date, time and guest location
  • Securely store sensitive data for the mandated length of time only, then destroy it when not needed
  • Safeguard guest data privacy
  • Be able to promptly retrieve and pass the data to health authorities if required

Solution: DocMX e-forms

Within a week of the publication of the new requirements, DocMX was able to provide the customer with a simple solution for compliant, secure and touch-less data collection.

This was used to digitise the check-in process, as well as handle contact tracing requirements.

QR scan-activated mobile e-forms were designed to collect specific personal information in a digital format. Upon entering a shared outlet, guests scanned a QR code, which then opened the e-form to be filled in on their own device. Alternatively, the guest could use a tablet provided by the hotel (which was then sanitised after each use).

The data was then securely stored in line with data privacy requirements, and automatically destroyed after the statutory time period (around 56 days depending on the state or territory).


Quick turnaround & affordable solution: Over a dozen of our customer’s properties were up and running within days of government requirements being published, without incurring major costs, disturbing any processes or involving IT teams. That is because DocMX is specifically designed to be easily configurable – no need for development, implementation or project management efforts. 

Compliant, hygienic solution for social distancing: the process was standardised and fully auditable, for full compliance with local State Directives and internal policy. The e-forms eliminated handling of paperwork between staff and guests, reducing infection transmission risks.

Data security & privacy: Only authorised personnel were able to access this sensitive information, securely stored in private servers dedicated to the customer. DocMX is ISO-certified to comply with the highest security standards in the Cloud.  

Robust data security & privacy powered by AWS technology:

AWS hospitality docmx

High-performing & reliable Cloud solution: with reliable hosting in the nearest Amazon data centre in Australia, all data and documents are always accessible, on a click and with no time lags.

Data and network security: the latest data security, encryption, back-up and recovery features from AWS – with no extra work required from in-house IT teams. 

Auditable & traceable: data access limited to relevant personnel, system actions and documents are logged, in compliance with ISO standards for data security.

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