Sustainable hotel operations with DocMX

Many sustainable and eco-friendly initiatives come to mind when talking about hospitality. Better energy efficiency, green energy, less laundry and ecological washing methods, stop to single-use toiletries and plastic accessories…

Reducing paper & printing is key for eco-friendly hotel operations

However one area often gets forgotten: the office and back-end operations. Finance, HR, Sales and Front Desk all can do something to improve the overall environmental impact of the hotel.

Printing and copying various documents such as invoices, reservation confirmations, or purchase orders is seen as necessary to communicate information across departments, reconcile numbers or obtain sign-off from managers.

For a 300-room hotel, that represents thousands of sheets printed each week, and hundreds of thousands each year. Studies indicate that on average, one tree makes ~8000 standard paper sheets. Avoiding printing 500,000 just sheets in a year is therefore saving 62 trees!

Reduce printing & plant trees to offset your hotel’s environmental impact

With DocMX, many processes that involve printing become fully digital. Invoices, POs and other documents are scanned, emailed and stored into one secure digital repository. Workflows allow the right users to receive notifications and approve documents directly in the system – no need for in-trays and chasing.

Most of our clients report having reduced printing by over 80%. This means dozens of trees saved each year! An easy way to make your hotel more sustainable.

To reinforce our positive environmental impact, we have launched a reforestation partnership with the charity One Tree Planted.

For each new customer who signs up with DocMX, we will donate 100 trees for planting in a selected region. These reforestation projects are managed in collaboration with local communities, with follow-up and maintenance to ensure high success rates.

Learn more about the ways DocMX can help your hotel become more efficient and sustainable. Learn more about our reforestation initiative.