Welcome to our new client,
Element Melbourne Richmond

We are extending our welcome to our latest client, Element Melbourne Richmond! It is a homely new hotel, part of the Westin/Marriott family.

It is one of the newest hotels in Melbourne, Victoria, located near the Yarra River. The pet-friendly hotel offers a modern, light-filled and spacious accommodations with striking views.

A new Element by Westin hotel in Melbourne starts using DocMX

Opening a new hotel is the perfect opportunity to setup updated business processes: in an efficient, digital and eco-friendly way. The new system can be implemented as part of the opening process, training the staff and defining the guidelines and policies from the get-go. So that the hotel doesn’t just look new, but also functions like clockwork backstage.

The Element Melbourne hotel chose DocMX to automate some of its key financial tasks, including daily income auditing (commonly known as “night audit”) and invoice processing.

Night audits require repetitive and often manual tasks to pull out and reconcile data from various sources, and then to get it approved by all managers. DocMX optimise this daily audit process and provides immediate benefits: less manual work and errors, quicker approval and better compliance.

Learn more about the way DocMX helps hotel managers run operations more efficiently, at a lower cost and with better compliance outcomes.