Do more, with less

Future-proof your hotel operations: automate back-office tasks, save time, reduce costs and add flexibility to collaborate remotely. 

Discover the efficient digital way to run back-office operations

Facing unprecedented times, hotels look to do more with less. Our customers automate up to 70% of transactions, cut printing by 90%, saved management time – for financial results visible within weeks.

Accelerate Income Audit, AP, AR, Payroll and more

Printing and chasing night packs, invoices, purchase orders, sign-offs... make it a thing of the past. Get everyone to collaborate in a seamless digital interface.

Simple & secure

All relevant documents in one secure repository with controlled access, easily auditable. A user-friendly system that doesn't require much training.

Made for hotels like yours

DocMX is specifically built around hotel processes and can easily be customised to your needs. No lengthy implementation or costly consulting!

Concrete £££ savings

Save thousands of dollars each year by eliminating printing, saving time and sharing resources. The ROI of our system is typically 3-6 months!

Our innovators and their success stories

Our partners have streamlined Front Desk, Night Audit, Accounts Payable & Receivable,
Revenue Audit, HR and other operational areas of their businesses. 

IHG portugal
Income Audit Automation
IHG digitises financial operations for effective remote collaboration
Read how this InterContinental hotel streamlined its financial operations, enabling seamless and safe collaboration during the social-distancing period.
hilton automation
Hilton clusters skills & knowledge, reduces overheads across the portfolio
Discover how Hilton clustered and automated 70% of Finance, and payroll transactions in a single SSC servicing 5 hotels in Netherlands.
Going Paperless & Printer-less
FourPoints cuts yearly printing by 2.5 million pages, saving $1.5m
Digitising heavily paper-based processes resulted in printing 2.5m pages less each year. That's a $1.5m saving in printing costs over 5 years. Not to mention intangible time and efficiency gains, as well as saving an estimated 1,500 trees!

Spend 80% less time on Night Pack audits

No more printing reports, reconciling numbers or chasing colleagues: optimise the daily audit process to save valuable time

All daily transaction data in one place

No need to log into different systems or print documents. DocMX captures and indexes data from your different systems, email and paperwork: Allowance, Cash, Credit Card, F&B, Entertainment packs - all in one place.

Streamlined approvals

A single dashboard to see it all! Approval workflows in line with group policy, for efficient electronic review & approval by the night manager, department heads or director of finance.

Real-time performance visibility

Dashboards with audit and business performance: spot bottlenecks and continue improving the processes.

70% of your invoices, automated

No more manual keying,  reconciliation or chasing paperwork: valuable time saved for everyone.

3-way match

The system automatically reconciles invoices, purchase orders and receipts of goods. Most invoices can be automatically sent into your financial system. Only discrepancies are flagged for verification.

No more manual errors

No more manual keying, all related documentation automatically linked. Reduced errors through prompts, automatic lookups and alerts, which highlight linked data, expected calculation results or company policy

More efficient approvals

Lots of time saved for department heads, directors of finance, GMs, auditors and everyone involved in approval and compliance reviewss. What does it mean? You can do more, with less!

These are just some examples of digitisation with DocMX. Click to learn more about our Hospitality solutions, or book a demo.

Don't take our word for it - listen to our innovators

Hilton Logo

Innovative, adaptable, reliable product and team - I can recommend to anyone! DocMX brought great benefits like flexible document search, compliance and time savings.

Paolo TrevisanDirector of Finance, Hilton
intercontinental logo

With DocMX I was able to do all my job functions and collaborate with colleagues from home during the Covid-19 pandemic. I highly recommend all properties to engage in digitisation with DocMX!

Diogo Gaspar Income Auditor, InterContinental Hotels
Hilton Logo

We achieved impressive efficiencies and savings across our properties in Japan. I certainly recommend this cost-effective solution from a reliable partner that understands hospitality.

Minesh RanigaRegional Finance Director, Japan
ihg holiday inn

An area of significant benefit is revenue audit where our completion time has been significantly reduced. We project this will save us a lot of time, money and resources in the coming months!

Audrey LimDirector of Finance and Support

An affordable solution with ROI within weeks:

50 %

Reduced Costs

Cancel those expensive printer/copier leases! Digitise documents and reduce paper storage overheads, improve your environmental footprint.

50 %


Efficient collaboration
anywhere, anytime. Accelerate processes, automate manual admin tasks, easily retrieve important information. 

50 %


Allow your staff to focus on what they do best rather than admin and mundane
back office activity.

0 %


All documentation & processes traceable and easy to audit, enhancing your operations’ transparency, professionalism and legal standing. 

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